The health benefits of falafel will make you want to grab some balls and chow down.

Falafel is one of the most delicious foods in the world. If you’ve never had the delicious pita wraps–stuffed with vegetables, chickpeas, and sometimes meat or lamb–you’ve never lived!

But falafel isn’t just about being delicious, but it’s also one of the most nutritious meals on the planet. You’ll find that it offers many health benefits, making it one of the best foods for you to add to your diet.

“Falafel is one of the most nutritious meals on the planet. You’ll find that it offers many health benefits, making it one of the best foods for you to add to your diet.”

Here are the health benefits of falafel:

Low in calories — Compared to tacos, shawarma, and other similar meals, falafel is surprisingly low in calories. The chickpeas and veggies inside the wrap are very low-calorie, and only the pita–which is often made from whole wheat flour–contains any significant number of calories.

Very high in fiber — Whole wheat is used to make the pita wraps, making them a very nutritious, high fiber form of carbs. You get lots of fiber from the chickpeas, not to mention the delicious vegetables used to fill the falafel. It’s one of the highest-fiber meals around, making it excellent for promoting healthy digestion!

Loaded with proteins –– Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein, as they are a legume–meaning a good deal of protein and minerals with hardly any fat at all. You’ll find that the whole wheat used to make the pita bread also contains some protein (gluten), and it’s the high protein content that has made pita one of the most popular food choices for vegetarians.

Rich in healthy fats — Pita does contain SOME fat, particularly when you add that delicious yoghurt-based dressing. However, the fat that it contains is all healthy fat. It is completely free of trans fats, low in saturated fat, and rich in the unsaturated fats that your body needs. Definitely the right fat to eat!.

Sugar-free — There are many vegetarian foods that are loaded with sugar, but thankfully falafel is completely free of any sugar. It’s made entirely from vegetables, chick peas, and the pita wraps, none of which contain any sugar. You’ll find that it’s one of the healthiest foods around, not to mention supremely delicious.

Contain manganese –– Did you know that manganese is needed by your body to produce energy? Chickpeas are loaded with this vital mineral, which helps your body produce the enzymes needed to produce not just energy, but also keep your body defended against free radicals. With the chickpeas in falafel, you can get up to 80% DV.

Beneficial for blood sugar –– When you eat food like hamburgers, pizza, or fries, you are ingesting high-carb foods that will have an immediate impact on your blood sugar. With falafel, however, there is no energy spike. Instead, thanks to the high fiber content of the ingredients, you receive energy slowly as your body takes long to digest the food.

Boost of iron –– Iron is a supremely important mineral, as it’s needed by your body to produce red blood cells. Those red blood cells transport food and oxygen around your body, which is why it’s so important to eat more iron-rich foods. Thankfully, chickpeas are rich in the important mineral.

Improve female health –– Did you know that the chickpeas in your falafel can help to reduce your risk of breast cancer, reduce hot flashes post-menopause, and even protect your body against osteoporosis? It’s all thanks to the antioxidants called saponins that you can find in chickpeas!